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ALOHA!!   I am doing a FUN series of Drawing lessons...on Facebook LIVE, and will post some of them here too!!  I call it, "THOR the Sketching Pirate" based on several friends thinking this title suits me W

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Raw footage from my work spot!  Making some magic!

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With Tiki Oasis being less than a week away, I thought it'd be fun to do a quick GIVEAWAY! Enter for a chance to win a THOR ART Tiki Print! Valued at $840!  Secondary prizes are matted art prints, t-shirts and trucker hats!

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I will never forget the story behind this piece of art.  This painting "The Magik of the Tiki Maker" is my interpretation of the magical story of a legendary village tale told to me by a Tiki carver one night in Maui.   

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This is the story behind "Table Top Tussle" from my Gecko Art series.  This painting was brought to life through the memories of plastic sword wars with my little sister.

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