Tiki Mugs

Hand crafted Tiki and exotica drink mugs made using master molds in-house by Thor - we use our own molds from which my incredibly talented family of artisans will cast, and then apply carefully detailed glazes and finishes under my direction, that bring to life, the "story" behind each special creation!  These mugs will be the pride of your collective mug display or to just drink from with fellow friends and family! Such designs as my original "Spirit Sippers"™, where you can drink through the ceramic straws like a true "Shaman" of the deepest Amazon jungles. Enjoy these incredibly detailed skulls and shrunken head vessels... Many more designs to unfold!

NOTE: All mugs are currently SOLD OUT! Wow, we were not expecting this... but we will be making more and have new stock available this coming year. Stay tuned, and make sure you sign up for our email newsletter to get updates from us!