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Lesson 2 The Zen of Painting
Continuing on with the educational painting blogs after receiving such wonderful feedback on "The Zen of Painting" Lesson 1.  Now we are on to Lesson 2: How energy, like painting sunlight, reflects off of everything around us.

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This is the story behind my video tribute to the laughter and tears that comedian Jerry Lewis brought me.  I believe that laughter is the secret to staying young forever and will always be one of the sources of inspiration for my fantasy art.

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July 4th has always been a very special day.  In my childhood, it meant fireworks, hamburgers and late night sparklers waved in the air against the warm violet sky of Summer.  But as an adult, and a guy who has made a career of being an artist, there was a very touching experience I had that will forever be in my memory on this holiday.

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