Shrunken Heads

Shrunken Heads by Tiki Artist Tom Thordarson

During Tiki Oasis and occasionally other times I create my authentic "Shrunken Head" replicas, that are more realistic than ANY available, hands down!! I have perfected techniques to simulate the look and feel of a real tribal shrunken head from the "Tsantsa's" tribe that jungle legend has celebrated for centuries!

For years, these popular heads were available only at "Tiki Oasis" once a year or on rare occasions through commissions. "Sailor Beware"TM, in its ever present quest to bring the most amazing treasures of high seas adventure will post availability regularly for the collector who wants to add a "Tsantsa" center piece to their favorite den, commercial establishment or home Tiki bar. These things get ATTENTION... just talk to those customers that own a "Thor Shrunken head" already!!

"These shrunken heads have no comparable quality for the price range, and they are nothing short of the real thing!"  - Collector 1
"I've invited friends & neighbors over to see our newest house guest, they couldn't believe our shrunken head wasn't real!" - Collector 2


Each shrunken head is a handmade piece of art, and while accessories and materials may vary, each head is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. All heads will have variations in workmanship and material, and we cannot guarantee an exact "look" every time. The images shown below are close approximations of each style; however each order may vary a bit. But rest assured, your Thor "Shrunken Head" will always amaze you AND astound your friends!