About Thor Art

Fantasy artist Tom Thordarson, THOR

Early Life:

Tom Thordarson, or “THOR” as he is nick named by friends and collectors, is a painter, designer and storyteller, renowned for his inventive vision and whimsical characterizations of our world. His life as an artist began when he was just old enough to hold a pencil, and art would soon become a powerful tool that he would use to communicate his endless spirit of adventure.

In his youngest years, he spent countless hours creating in his backyard in Arcadia, California and in the rain forests of Hawaii. THOR explains: “I would spend many hours combing the beaches for shells and climbing trees in Hawaii, pretending I was a pirate or some ingenious castaway in a high seas adventure! We built tree houses and forts from scrap wood,” this is where his sense of wonder was born!

Professional Career:

Later, Thor graduated with honors from Pasadena Art Center College of Design, CA in Illustration, and was immediately discovered by the entertainment/theme park industry. He has held numerous executive titles with Walt Disney Imagineering, Universal Studios and other theme park and attraction design companies.   His designs have come to life in Tokyo Disney’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” rides, among numerous others.


These rides are classic examples of how THOR’s style can be seen through the eyes of his creative lenses. After over 25 years in the entertainment industry , THOR still reminisces back to his time spent on both his long summers on Hawaii’s sun soaked beaches with his cousins, and the magical childhood adventures with his family in Los Angeles. The early years of his life have shaped the mind and spirit felt in all THOR’s work to this day which is displayed by his uncanny ability to take us into truly enchanting places, luring the viewer’s desire to step into his paintings and be part of his stories.   THOR relates to the words of John Lasseter, a principal creative officer for Pixar who says:  “The connection you make with your audience is an emotional connection…the audience can’t be told to feel a certain way. They have to discover it themselves!”   

In Thor’s words,

“ I hope you all will take a moment to sit down in your minds and let me show you something. There are so many little places, beings and moments all around us, filled with charm, enchantment and mystery. Once I show you where to find them…and how to see and feel them…you will know a world, forever a glow with discovery and wonder!”


                               ~Aloha,   THOR