My Rum Doodle (tm) on the cover of Got Rum? Magazine October 2015 issue!

Rum Doodle Got Rum? Magazine October 2015


Hey all! This October has been an exciting time for me! I just launched
a new section of my website called SAILOR BEWARE ™ that allows you to shop
all of my specialty, hand-made products like exotic mugs, pirate flags, shrunken
heads and my classic rum paintings, called Rum Doodles ™.

Speaking of Rum Doodles ™, one of my doodles was chosen to be on the
cover of Got Rum? Magazine for the October 2015 issue! Got Rum? Magazine
is an online and print magazine, click to check it out! This magazine will give you all the updates
and information on all things rum, from its history, to production, to
current events! Be sure to subscribe, LIKE and follow these folks on Facebook!

Inside the issue, I also did an interview with Paul Senft, a freelance
writer, rum reviewer, and Founder of His writing has
been featured on many different publications. Paul is also an avid Tiki
enthusiast and teaches seminars on a range of subjects including Tiki
and Rum. He mentioned to me that he got the idea for this interview
while researching an Art of Tiki Seminar that is offered in rotation at
Trader Vic’s Atlanta. I am honored to have been interviewed by Paul
and very grateful to be featured in Got Rum? Magazine. I will let you
all know once the interview is made available online!

Collaborating with the folks at Got Rum? Magazine and Paul Senft was
such a fun experience! It’s always great to work with kind-hearted and
generous people who are helping you succeed. They were all truly a
pleasure to work with.

Well I guess my days of messing around with Rum and experimenting with
all the different combinations of rums and techniques "for the sake of art" has
finally paid off for me! You can find my original Rum Doodles ™ on my
website in the Sailor Beware section. Also, make sure to check out the
October 2015 issue of Got Rum? Magazine!




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