Ahoy all!   It's me...THOR!   I have some VERY EXCITING NEWS regarding a whole new line of original art, mugs and one of a kind collectibles that carry the great spirit of high seas adventure and a bit of dark "edge" that will bring out the "Bad Boy" and “Femme Fatale" in all of you!  As part of the THOR brand, I am proud to introduce a new series I call, "Sailor Beware" (tm)!  Based on a lot of great feedback and requests from customers, "Sailor Beware" TM will feature direct sales of these creations that myself and my family "crew" are most passionate about bringing to the public on a more regular basis. Throughout the next couple weeks, I will be releasing little teasers and new ideas of what’s coming that will eventually be up for sale on my website.

 thor art exotic tiki mugs

First up, original, hand crafted Tiki and exotica drink mugs.  I've hand sculpted the masters we will generate molds from, while my incredibly talented family of artisans have cast, and applied carefully detailed glazes and finishes under my direction, that bring to life, the "story" behind each special creation!  These mugs will be the pride of your collective mug display or to just drink from with fellow friends and family!   Such designs as my original "Spirit Sippers" ™, where you can drink through the ceramic straws like a true "Shaman" of the deepest Amazon jungles.   Incredibly detailed skulls and shrunken head vessels!   Many more designs to unfold!! 

 pirate flag thor art

"Sailor Beware" (tm) also features one of a kind, hand crafted, "Jolly Roger" pirate flags for display in your special place of adventure!  These are no silk screened or laser jet fakes on silk or polyester. These are for the discriminate collector who wants a lot more realism!  Made to look like the REAL thing, these gems are hand sewn using rough sail type canvas, with inks and dyes that exude the old world spirit of Piracy in its hay day!  Symbols are all reference from historical research and then we get just creative enough to craft these flags to look like they were made on the decks of briny galleon in the 1700's!!  Stunning and extremely dramatic when displayed!!

thor art shrunken heads 

 Of course, we feature "shrunken head" replicas that are more realistic than ANY available!! Hands down!!   I have perfected techniques to simulate the look and authenticity of real tribal shrunken head "Tsantsas" that jungle legend has celebrated for centuries!  For years, these were available only at "Tiki Oasis" once a year or on rare occasions through commissions. "Sailor Beware" (tm), in its ever present quest to bring the most amazing treasures of high seas adventure will post availability regularly for the collector who wants a to add a "Tsantsa" center piece to their favorite den, commercial establishment or home Tiki bar.  These things get ATTENTION...just talk to those that own a "Thor Shrunken head" already!

thor art rum doodles 

Last, but not least, this is the spot to find an original "Rum Doodle"!  A "THOR" classic!   I originated this craft. These are the things you have heard about that sprung from a challenge made in Waikiki for me to use real rum and paint with it!  I pulled this off with "flying colors" and since then, my rum paintings have sold to countless collectors.  These are officially known as my "Rum Doodles" (tm).  Please sign up for our mailing list, because this is where I will announce when new original rum paintings are available.  

As always, I appreciate your feedback!  Let me know how you feel about this new product line!



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