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Ladies and Gentlemen...The Flying Squeegi Brothers!

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Most of you may know that outside of my personal fine art paintings, I have a career, since before I graduated from College in the Entertainment Industry.  With an intense imagination and ability to draw things that both exist and are fantasy, some of my earliest tasks were to come up with concepts for rides, attractions and other potential entertainment for Universal Studios, Disney and others.  Some ideas were described by others and I drew them up...other ideas were my own, and drew those up too.  I have a fun sketch to share here for Throw Back Thursday!

This is a sketch for a potential street performer show I did back in the late 90's I think it was.  At the time, I was working for a major theme park design company (I won't be too and was asked to come up with ideas for "surprise street performer shows" that would happen when visitors to a theme park were least expecting it.  Among many I presented, this one was a personal favorite of mine!  Imagine this....

You are walking through a sort of “Main Street”…almost movie-set-like exaggeration, to the architecture and such. There’s shops and snack foods.  You may notice there are a couple of window washers on scaffolding working on one of the multi story buildings.  You start to hear one of them shouting to the crowd below...making wise cracks and flirting with the girls!

One of the window washers yells, "HEY EVERYONE!!...LOOK HERE!"  The window washers are up to something...and they argue and chatter among themselves displaying "slapstick comedy" interactions with the water and buckets. the crowd has gathered, one of the guys lets a home crafted canvas banner drop from the scaffolding!  He shouts, "Ladies and gentlemen!!!!...Presenting for your entertainment… The Flying Squeegee brothers!!"

Instantly, to our surprise, they leap from the scaffolding, attached to long bungee chord ropes and begin an incredibly acrobatic display above our heads!  Springing off the sides of buildings and soaring through space, nearly touching the crowd like a couple of giant human yo-yos!   The crowd laughs at their antics and cheers their daring display of aeronautic skills!   These guys got the crowd they wanted to show off their REAL talent!  Forget the dirty windows, “The Flying Squeegi Brothers” have arrived!

This sketch is colored pencil on paper.  It's all made up...and though it was never actually created, will forever entertain my thoughts.  ENJOY!


   Keep dreaming, friends!   ~~ THOR






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