The Escape Series | Stepping into the canvas

One series of paintings I will continue to add to is what I call the "Escape Series," with themes that include dwellings like tree houses and huts on the beach or in the hills.  All was inspired by a couple main things I will share like early "escapes" using my imagination as a kid, and my "escape" into a painting when I am creating.   

When I was about 4-5, my parents separated and my Mom and I lived with my grandparents in Arcadia, California.  I will elaborate more on my Grandparents and my Uncle John, who was in his mid teens, my Mom's Brother, became a big brother to me.  He was mischievous, tall, funny and everything a little boy could want as a mentor in finding adventure.  There was a sprawling back yard with big trees next to Grandpa's workshop, and Grandma's clothes line was always filled with sheets billowing in the wind.   My Mom was working at this time as a Model and Playboy bunny server in the mid through late 60's.  She was also an artist, and always encouraged us to use our imaginations and create things.   Many of the "Toys" I had were made by me, my Mom and my Grandfather, who was a very talented carpenter. 

Mom always encouraged me to draw what I wanted.  Imagine it.  So I would draw all sorts of things.  Then, we made it!  A cardboard refrigerator box was once my "rocket ship".  Mom and I made a control panel with shoe boxes covered in tin foil, a few flashlights inside that made the buttons "glow"...and old sewing spools for knobs and switches.  I would "escape" inside this box, and Mom would make rumbles and noises, and shake this "spaceship" with such realism, I REALLY believed I was in space!   At least until I would hear my dog Cindy bark and break my focus! The highlight was when she would crack open the "hatch"...just a little, and lower a chocolate chip cookie tied to a string, into my hands, for an "anti-gravity" snack!  I learned to expand my world forever from these experiences.  I learned that if I could draw something and communicate my idea that way...I could often make it!   Swirl in some imagination, and the possibilities were endless.  In future blogs I hope to share more of these stories, home movies and explain more of my life in Hawaii. 

                                                                              ~~ THOR






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