Imagining the Life of a Hawaiian Gecko

I am going to kick this blog thread off with some thoughts inspired by a quote I heard recently by John Lasseter (Disney/Pixar animator and executive), because it spoke to what I believe in as to my own art and my "audience" (those I paint for):

“The connection you make with your audience is an emotional connection,” Lasseter says. “The audience can’t be told to feel a certain way. They have to discover it themselves.”

I always strive to paint more than just a pretty picture or what I am told will be an easy sale.   I attempt to tap into the inner child and deeper emotional experiences we all relate to in life.  I explore the "little things" and simple moments by being a very intense observer.   It takes effort to do this, because the world can be a very distracting and noisy place!

The "gecko series" that I paint is based on my experience in Hawaii watching the real gecko's as they play, run after bugs, socialize and graze on food crumbs near a seaside restaurant. I have met my collectors over the years that share their own gecko experiences with me.  These creatures are just little things...but I put myself into their world, add a bit of imagination and this becomes a very engaging and enchanting reality to ponder.

My work is FULL of "discoveries".  I want my "audience", the viewer of my paintings to get lost in the detail and the story I tell.  If they truly allow themselves to "feel"... to recall their childhood wisdom and that sense of adventure and play, still as an adult, I can share this "emotional connection" with them Lasseter refers to.   My art becomes a portal, which can be hung on the wall, so one can step through and visit these painted realities when they need a smile and happy place to rest their minds for a spell.





I'd love to hear your thoughts! Comment below.


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  • Jeanette Paley

    Love having my "window " into the gecko cave everyday! Love it as much as the day I found it. That k you for what you do!

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