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  • Over ten years of close study and examination of actual Jivaro shrunken heads have led to finding the techniques and materials to create these unusually realistic hand-crafted pieces of art. Hands down, you will not find ANY shrunken head replicas more realistic than these!

    "The Ceremonial Chieftain" head features hand sewn eyes, mouth and realistic hair.  Though some will vary slightly, with such features as lip plates, all the incredible features in "The Warrior" can be found with additional hand crafted accessories. Along with facial hair, such as eyebrows, eyelashes and beard the premium shrunken head includes vented hair and additional painting and detailing.  Also tribal clay beads and real parrot feathers and actual tropical beetle shells.  Adornments are inspired by traditional Tsantsa specimens, make this savage piece of art truly spectacular. Displayed on pole w/ wooden base to complete the art piece as pictured. 

    Each shrunken head is glazed with over 50 translucent layers of natural and synthetic polymers to replicate the preserved leather-like appearance and patinas found on authentic embalmed Shrunken Head's.

    Celebrated Hawaiian Tiki artist and former Disney Imagineer , Tom Thordarson, a.k.a. "Thor" and his incredibly talented daughter, Katelyn, have pooled their skills to make this limited series possible.

  • Shrunken Heads are all handmade and painted by Thor himself. No two heads are ever exactly alike but the level of realism, detail and accessory are always of the highest quality. Actual product may vary slightly from picture.

      Style: Ceremonial Chieftain (Premium Detail)
      Details: Vented hair, Facial hair, Lips stitched with Hemp, Premium Accessories and details
      5" tall from chin to forehead
      Petina color on skin will vary slightly
      Best preserved if stored at room temperature and out of harsh direct sunlight

    "The Ceremonial Chieftain" is available mounted onto a metal pole (20-28" tall) with wooden base, a glass dome with wooden base or a premium wooden case based on currently available materials. 

    Please include any special requests upon purchase.

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