#RumDoodles ...By Tom Thordarson (A.K.A THOR)
About 8 years ago, while in Waikiki a guy stops into the "Thor Stor" on Kalakaua Ave. and says to me, "Wyland is doing Chinese Brush paintings of dolphins and stuff down the street in his Gallery...Do you do brush sketches, Thor?" I said no...and probably should not, since Chinese brush paintings were being done by "Wyland", I would need to do my own thing!"

The guy looked at all my art on the wall and said,"Well, why don't you just paint in RUM!!...There's is enough booze in all your paintings...that would be original!!" LOL! I laughed and the guy staggered over to Duke's, across the street. But it gave me an idea!

24 Hours later, I bought a bottle of Bacardi 151, grabbed a thick Trader Vic's style skull mug..lit the rum..and discovered that the rum would evaporate and get darker as it burned. It was a beautiful , rich clear amber color like watercolor that I could get a full range of shading from! THOR's "Rum Doodles" were born!! I have sold countless little pieces of original art in this series. All painted in Rum on 100% cotton rag, archival paper. The rum inspires me to paint tropical madness and fun...mermaids, Pirates, Tiki's, Deep sea divers and Shrunken heads!'s my little thing!

Come on by the Pool Suite(#3) at Tiki Oasis and say hi!! I will also have about 8-10 "Rum Doodles", matted, signed and sealed...ready for framing, along with all sorts of new prints of my other paintings! SEE YAH THERE!
below are a just a few that I just finished for T.O.!

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