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Mai Tai Festival and Battle of the BBQ Winners Are…

The 9th Annual Don the Beachcomber's Mai Tai Festival happened this past Saturday at the Royal Kona Resort. Over 20 of the top bartenders from around Hawaii and the mainland participated for a chance at $17,500 in prize money. The day began with a "Battle of the BBQ" at the courtyard of the Royal Ko...

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This man parallels my recent feelings regarding the way some have tried to make "Tiki" celebration ONE thing...and squelch the bond and joy that comes with creative minds...and progressive thinkers who "feel" an essence...not just an era! Wish you were still here Alfred!! We need to embrace creative souls to take us to the next level....and most of all...in a way that embraces the notion of true "Ohana" over quarrel!!


"I can't bear feelings between people."

- Alfred Hitchcock

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Tiki Ti

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, we are proud to announce: In one week, on Thursday, February 23, 2017, starting at 4PM at the bar, we will have a Ray's Mistake mug sale and signing by Thor. Y'all are invited.

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SOOO proud of my Nephew John!!! THIS kind of "heart" is what the world needs now.....more than ever before. ~~~THOR https://youtu.be/Kr1s8RoN8io

The Fight Against Giving | John Cefalu | TEDxMissionViejo

John shares the idea that it's time to stop "Giving" and start sharing the tools, techniques and trades for poor communities to create a sustainable future w...

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This is soooooo appropriate and wonderful!!! These are the real celebrities and stars and sports heroes our Country SHOULD be celebrating and giving attention to....EVERY damn f....ng day!!!

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