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Understanding Compassion

Be Kind To Every Kind, Not Just Mankind <3

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THINK SMALL!!!! It opens your eyes to a BIG world! ~Tom Thordarson Please share my post...in these present times...we can really learn a bit with a simple change of perception...a way to polish our perceptions...in a world that can seem a bit tarnished.

Artist imagines Hawaiian lifestyle through the eyes and mind of a Gecko!

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Happy 4th of JULY to all! If you haven't read this story yet, please do! I wrote this blog last year, but this memory will stay with me forever. I hope you all enjoy your 4th of July! ......~THOR

The Fourth of July that forever made me proud to be an American

A moving Independence Day story about how a Marine forever changed my life and gave new meaning to my piece "The Humma Hummer"

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Happy Aloha Friday, friends!! Just here to share a little more of my art and stories with you!.....This one is called "Sealed With A Kiss" where a love struck Pirate falls for a mermaid and upon leaving for another voyage, she instructs him to cover his eyes... but this seal has a crush of his own...and the conclusion?! ....a salty, squishy, sloppy SEAL kiss!! LOL! Enjoy your Friday and your long independence day weekend ahead!.......~THOR


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"Swashbuckler Sunrise" is part of my nautical art series, captures a moment that brings back the spirit of youth... Remember when there was nothing we could not do.....being in the zone of our own imagination. It’s early morning and a new day emerges. We grab our friends and head to the little beach that overlooks Chinaman’s Hat on Oahu. There's lots of stories in this painting! pick a section and lets come up with a story together!! ....~THOR

Available in canvas and paper at www.thorart.com #thorart

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