Spirit Sipper | Shrunken Head

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  • "Spirit Sippers" evoke a primitive charm with convenience and a little scare factor.  The ceramic mugs are fun to cradle as you gently sip in the delicious beverage from the built in ceramic 'straw.'

    This series is inspired by vintage whiskey or rum pipes found in centuries past. In parallel, Shaman's from remote jungle tribes have been known to use similar mugs to "sip the spirits" from a magical concoction or potion of an animal or being.  The "spirit" in our case is both the whiskey placed inside the sipper and the magic it brings to your mood!

    Enjoy these...but be warned...they can manifest some powerful magic! No two are identical. Colors will vary slightly because of the mug's unique glaze. 

  • Sipper mugs are all handmade and painted by Thor himself and actual product may vary slightly from picture.

      Style: Shrunken Head
        Glaze: Variety (*Brown as pictured)

      4.25" tall x 6.5" wide
      Hand crafted-color will vary slightly
      Microwave Safe 


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