Purple Projectiles Off Port Side | Matted Print

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  • Just off the coast of a wee tropical tide pool we come across one of the most fruitfully fierce battles ever fought. Inspired by the half pineapple fruit boats served in many seaside cafes in Waikiki, the geckos are at it again in their imaginary world of adventure!

    The tiny pirate captain raises his plastic cocktail sword to signal the firing of the dreaded “grapeshot”, known to shred the sails or walls of the most seaworthy of structures. One little pirate works hard to draw back the plastic spoon “cannon” and return the fruitful fire upon its enemy. Like all of my gecko series, things are made from objects a gecko would find useful at their size.

    Cocktail napkins and chopsticks become masts and sails. A halved and hollowed out pineapple becomes a shrunken galleon and a well anchored plastic spoon becomes a cannon that launches grape cannon balls at fruit splattering speeds! Fire is returned from some mysterious enemy who flings maraschino cherries that pierce these little pirate’s sails and “kerplunk” all around with little watery billows. It is painted to be hung to the right of the "Sub Turtle Cherry Hurdle" painting. Watch out for flying fruit!

  • Open edition paper print by Gecko Artist Tom Thordarson.

    Paper prints are printed on 100% recycled bamboo paper and mounted into a signed mat with gold leaf THOR signature.

    Size is based on the outside dimensions of the matted image as pictured.

  • Paper prints and all other in-stock products are shipped within 2-3 business days.  All canvases are print-to-order and are printed, signed and shipped in 3-4 weeks. Tracking information is provided on all orders once the package has been shipped.