Kon-Tiki Commemorative Mug

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THANK YOU FOR YOUR GREAT INTEREST IN THE KONTIKI MUG!  Currently the first batch of mugs has sold out, and future mugs are On Hold due to manufacturing problems, but there will be MORE!

Please monitor Thor's Facebook for updates, or join the email newsletter to receive notice when the next batch will be released!

Once the mugs resume production, we will email everyone on the waitlist, as well as post on Facebook.  Thanks in advance for your patience!


It's time to launch your own mini, nautical adventure across your very own bar top!!   In 1947, a journey across the great Pacific Ocean from South America to the Polynesian islands took place on a rustic, hand crafted, raft led by Norwegian explorer, Thor Heyerdahl.  With a raft named after the Inca god "Viracocha", the brave crew set out for an adventure of a lifetime!

Heyerdahl believed that people from South America could have, by sail, reached Polynesia during pre-Colombian times. His aim in launching the "Kon-Tiki" expedition was meant to prove that, by using only the materials and technologies available to those people at the time, there were no technical reasons to prevent them from achieving their goal, and that they could certainly have accomplished the endeavor.

The actual raft was crafted out of balsa logs and other native materials as seen in illustrations by Spanish conquistadors of the time.

Beginning the journey on April 28, 1947, Heyerdahl and five shipmates sailed the raft for 101 days across the Pacific Ocean before it grounded itself on a jagged reef in the “Tuamotus” Island chain in French Polynesia on August 7, 1947.  Fortunately, all the crew made it to the shores to tell the tale!

This commemorative mug was designed and sculpted by a different "THOR" you all may know (That's ME)!   Inspired by the real thing, down to flying fish and playful dolphins frolicking in the waves, this mug holds a generous 22 ounces of your favorite beverage!   It stands a proud 10" from base of wave to the top of her mast, and is 6 1/2" in length, and 4 1/2" wide.   

Sails are water moisture resistant and rigging lines are water resistant, and wax coated. Ceramic glazing is hand applied by me and my family, here at the THOR ceramics studio.

Care Instructions:

Glazes are high fired, conforming to "ACMI" food safe materials standards. Hand wash only, rinsing interior with soap and water and let dry before each use.   Please Do Not fully submerge this little raft in order to preserve its beauty for decades to come...  I mean, they wrecked the first one on a reef!!... Let's keep the decks of your mini "Kon-Tiki" ship-shape and dry, except what yah fill her up with Matey!!

ENJOY... and Bon Voyage!!  

~~THOR, and all of us family, here at THOR Arts and Ceramics!