Da Humma Hummer | Matted Print

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  • Fantasy artist Tom Thordarson says of this military artwork: "This piece, I dedicate to our solders in the Middle East fighting for our country, namely, those based out of Hawaii whose spirit of Aloha carries with them from the sands of our Islands to the sands of the Iraqi desert. When painting this I imagined that those traveling in this combat Humvee decided they needed to take a moment and fabricate their own little Tiki paradise. So, with a little imagination and lots of military ingenuity... we witness the result!

    The date palms are almost like the coconut palms if we squint a little. The camo had to change, of course... to celebrate the Hawaiian state flower, the hibiscus. Take that fifty caliber machine gun off the roof, barb wire on a nice military issued canteen filled with fuel and they found themselves a tiki torch like no other... guaranteed! Don’t forget the dashboard hula doll for the hood ornament. Paint some old grenades golden yellow and stick on a few palm fronds and we almost feel like the pineapples are plenty and abundant again! With surf boards mounted on the rear, they are all ready in case they find an oasis with a set or two breaking on the sand's edge.

    The spirit of Hawaii has transcended thousands of miles to one of the least likely of places. However, I think there must have been a course in “Tactical Tiki” in boot camp for this bunch! Even the desert scorpions can’t seem to resist spreading Aloha!"




  • Open edition paper print by Fantasy Artist Tom Thordarson in appreciation for our United States Military.

    Paper prints are printed on 100% recycled bamboo paper and mounted into a signed matt with gold leaf THOR signature.

    Size is based on the outside dimensions of the matted image as pictured.

  • Paper prints and all other in-stock products are shipped within 2-3 business days.  All canvases are print-to-order and are printed, signed and shipped in 3-4 weeks. Tracking information is provided on all orders once the package has been shipped.