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  • OOut of the tropical for a moment we discover this fantasy art featuring a drink machine inspired by my Mom. In 1966, my mother worked as a Playboy Bunny in the Los Angeles Playboy Club. I visited her twice when I was very little. I recall the look of the club... the orange candle lights and sleek black bar tops. My Mom used to practice serving at home, doing what is known as the “bunny dip”.

    Recently, I asked her what was one of the most popular cocktails of that time and she said she served more Lime Daiquiris than anything else. So… here it is! Powered by tiny, gear automated bunny dolls and built directly into the surface of the main club bar top is a contraption ol’ Hugh himself would be proud of! Presenting, ”The Bunny Dippin’ Daiquiri Doohicki”. Serving Daiquiris just the way they were made almost 40 years ago...or at least how I imagined it!



  • Limited Edition Giclee by Fantasy Artist Tom Thordarson.

    The edition is limited to only 100 canvas giclees, which are printed on certified poly-cotton canvas, using archival pigmented inks.  

    10 Artist Proof canvases are offered in addition to the limited edition run, where the artist adds paint to the front of the reproduction.  Thor takes hand-highlighting very seriously; adding paint to truly enhance the luminosity of the print using translucent glazes an opaque paints to the shadows and highlights in the piece.  The artists personal touch to each Limited Edition Artist Proof make these paintings highly collectible.   

    »Special edition numbers are available for serious art collectors, please contact us for edition information

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