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  • They say "what is one man’s junk, is another man’s treasure.” This painting is a parody on pirates taking another man's treasure. In this case, the story illustrates a lesson on how values change in different circumstances in life. In this painting, you will see a little structure full of charm and pirate flavor. Constructed out of the salvage from the inhabitants wrecked ship, the carcass of the ship is seen just outside the breakers with only some wooden ribs and the bow showing. It was obviously wrecked on the rocks during a storm or some mishap.

    Pieces of the ship, windows, boards and a pirate flag as an awning shade create a little shack. A treasure chest is spilled on its side and the treasure is partly visible but fading into the sand. The use for this chest now is a table, where we see a knife stuck in the surface next to a plate with a fish skeleton on it. The chest is more valuable now as this eating surface than anything else. What good is gold on a desert isle? Behind this on the side of the shack we see the marks carved in the wall...made to count the days or months lost on this island.

    Peer into a pirate's private island in this whimsical nautical artwork by Tom "Thor" Thordarson.


  • Limited Edition Giclee & Open Edition Paper Prints by Nautical Artist Tom Thordarson.

    The edition is limited to only 250 canvas giclees, which are printed on certified poly-cotton canvas, using archival pigmented inks.  

    25 Artist Proof canvases are offered in addition to the limited edition run, where the artist adds paint to the front of the reproduction; making these paintings highly collectible.   

    »Special edition numbers for Artist Proof canvases are available for serious art collectors, please contact us for edition information

  • Paper prints are printed on 100% recycled bamboo paper and mounted into a signed matt with gold leaf THOR signature.

    Size is based on the outside dimensions of the matted image as pictured.

  • All canvas prints are print-to-order and are shipped within 3-4 weeks. Paper prints and other in-stock products ship within 2-3 business days. Tracking information is provided on all orders once the package is shipped.