Watersporks Triptych | Canvas Print

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  • It’s mid morning on the warm tropical shore and the surf is breaking at six to eight inches! So, not wasting a moment, a group of sporty geckos grab their “boards” and head for the surf!

    What does a gecko surfboard look like? Well, what is sleek, shiny and available on top of the local beach park picnic tables? Sporks! That’s what they call a plastic eating utensil that is a spoon with fork teeth on it! Yep, and then there are the plastic knives... they make great “long boards” for a gecko. Spoons are a slick alternative for “sporks” for fast maneuvers on the lip of the tiny shore breakers too.

    Imagine a day at the beach for a cute critter this size. Droplets of water, not foam, are what cascade from the waves’ crest at this scale. The beach is shared with other creatures like sand crabs that may pop up to watch the spectacle.

    In the left panel of this whimsical gecko art, we see the stern gaze of a lifeguard gecko perched in its lifeguard “tower” made of a discarded Chinese take out box. A drinking straw and a few chopsticks serve as the “tower” support legs.

    In the right painting we can see a surf hungry gecko with “long board” overhead heading for the surf. His companion relaxes with a cool, pink “spork board” propped in the sand while they catch a few bone warming rays of tropical sun. A cocktail napkin provides the perfect gecko sized blanket. There is no better backrest, obviously, than a sleek little matchbook with a picture of one the most classic Hawaiian gecko legends to hit the pearly shelled shores of Waikiki.

    After you study this panorama, there is no way you will ever look at the little things you and at the beach the same way again. Think like a gecko for a moment. It’s really a lot of fun while you soak up the sun!

  • Limited Edition Giclee Prints by Gecko Artist Tom Thordarson

    The edition is limited to 350 canvas giclees, which are printed on certified poly-cotton canvas, using archival pigmented inks.  

    25 Artist Proof canvases are offered in addition to the limited edition run, where the artist adds paint to the front of the reproduction; making these paintings highly collectible.   

    »Special edition numbers for Artist Proof canvases are available for serious art collectors, please contact us for edition information

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