Tentacle Difficulties | iPhone Case

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  • Phone Cases featuring art by nautical Tom Thordarson.

    Tales of giant leviathans and dangers lurking in the deep sea have been told for centuries. Many of the mysteries are thought to be what we may truly find in the sea. The giant octopus is not thought to be of any true danger to man. But then again, should there be the right conditions, the right time and the perfect setting for adventure, only our imaginations can limit our reality.

    The diver in this fantastic nautical art is oblivious to what writhes in the depths behind him. Mesmerized by the scant remains of an old shipwreck that he carefully treads upon, this massive cephalopod is about to break his focus with a mighty tap on the shoulder. The outcome is a mystery....but should the diver survive this day, the tales he will tell on deck for many a journey will capture the salty spirits of all his seafaring crew.

  • Phone cases printed using vivid print technology and durable construction.

      3D Artwork Wraps Around Case Sides
      Ultra Vivid Color Print Technology
      Durable Scratch Resistant Coating
      Hard Shell Thermoplastic Fusion Case
      Raised Front Bezel (for added screen protection)
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