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  • The “Magik of the Tiki Maker” is about the mysterious powers and “magik” conjured by the tiki carver. This is their domain. The setting is dusk and we see the outrigger loaded full of the carved creations. A magical glow radiates from the hull of the outrigger at the end of this inlet, which will be ridden down the jungle river in the morning to the little village where these tikis will be sold.

    The carver has left his tools in the foreground with one tiki half finished. Taro grows in the shallow banks. Candles are the main source of light in the evening but the light and smoke from a dinner being cooked can be seen from the entrance to the tree home of the carver.

    Though mostly primitive... the fruity tingle of a cool rum drink in a tiki mug is still the choice of inspiration to this artist after a long day's work. The colors are very mystical... rich... almost phosphorus-like... to fit the feel. I modeled the look of the jungle from things I saw on Maui when I hiked in the areas on the North West inland. This tiki art will appeal to tiki lovers and to those into the more mysterious feel of Polynesian enchantment.



  • Limited Edition Giclee by Tiki Artist Tom Thordarson.

    The edition is limited to only 250 canvas giclees, which are printed on certified poly-cotton canvas, using archival pigmented inks. 

    25 Artist Proof canvases are offered in addition to the limited edition run, where the artist adds paint to the front of the reproduction. Thor takes hand-highlighting very seriously; adding paint to truly enhance the luminosity of the print using translucent glazes an opaque paints to the shadows and highlights in the†piece. The artists personal touch to each Limited Edition Artist Proof make these paintings highly collectible. 

    ªSpecial edition numbers are available for serious art collectors, please contact us for edition information

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