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  • This piece was inspired by a true story that happened in Waikiki a few years ago. One early evening before one of my shows, I was walking through the International Marketplace. I got to know a lot of the little cart vendors there. But this one evening, I noticed a cart loaded full of those coconut carved monkeys sold to tourists all over the Island. In my heart, I suspected that they were made outside of Hawaii...but I was in a curious mood, and so I stopped to sort through the stash of monkey madness. This fairly old Chinese lady, tending the cart, saw my interest and walked towards me. "You like Monkey?", she said, with a twinkle in her eye. Yeah! I replied, but they say, "Aloha" on their tummies...are they REALLY made in Hawaii?

    The woman grinned like a cat outside a bird cage, and quickly replied, "OH YES...they are!" I asked her WHO made the Monkeys here in Hawaii? She didn't hesitate a moment...and with a glint in her eye, she held her index finger to her lips and said, "Shhhhhh, I can't tell you...it's the secret!" I laughed and bought a coconut monkey!

    Well, as I walked down Kalakaua Ave. to where I needed to be that night, my mind went, as always, into it's fantasy mode. I immediately thought of my gecko series. Who else would need to be so secretive...yet so obvious as the perfect monkey makers than the geckos! I noted this in my sketchbook...and to this day, the idea has been at rest...until now! So here is MY answer to who makes those coconut monkeys! I imagined what the geckos would do, if they are, indeed the secret makers of the coconut monkeys. Hiding away in the thick tropical leaves, they carve and create. What a great business! So, I painted this event for you to see, and called it, "Da Monkey Business". Enjoy!"--THOR

    This original art by fantasy artist Tom Thordarson shows playful, colorful geckos carving a monkey out of a coconut. They sure aren't monkeying around in running their monkey coconut business! This gecko art is one of a kind and is sure to bring a smile to your face!



  • Limited Edition Giclee by Gecko Artist Tom Thordarson.

    The edition is limited to only 250 canvas giclees, which are printed on certified poly-cotton canvas, using archival pigmented inks. 

    25 Artist Proof canvases are offered in addition to the limited edition run, where the artist adds paint to the front of the reproduction. Thor takes hand-highlighting very seriously; adding paint to truly enhance the luminosity of the print using translucent glazes an opaque paints to the shadows and highlights in the piece. The artists personal touch to each Limited Edition Artist Proof make these paintings highly collectible.

    >Special edition numbers are available for serious art collectors, please contact us for edition information

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