Entertainment Design

Monkey Kingdom Concept Art for China's Amusement park by Tom Thordarson

"Monkey King Theme Park", China

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 Jurassic Park Universal Studios Ride Concept Design by fine artist Tom Thordarson"Jurassic Park Ride", Universal Studios, Hollywood - Show concept design, visual development


Eontime World concept drawing by fine artist and ride designer Tom Thordarson 

"Eontime World", Heilongjiang, China - Original concept design and styling

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride concept and sketch by Tom Thordarson

"20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" Ride, Tokyo DisneySea - Initial concept design

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Dinosaur Jungle Adventure original sketch concept by fine artist Tom Thordarson"Dinosaur Jungle Cruise Concept", Landmark Entertainment - Concept Design

Jaws boat ride Universal Studios concept design by Tom Thordarson"Jaws Boat Ride", Universal Studios, Florida - Original visual development, storyboarding and scene staging

Water World stunt show at Universal Studios concept design by Tom Thordarson 

"Water World Live Action Stunt Show", Universal Studios, Hollywood - Concept & Show Design

Journey to the center of the earth ride concept by Tom Thordarson

"The Journey to the Center of the Earth" Ride, Tokyo DisneySea, Japan - Concept and show design

Hotwheels adventure ride concept and design by THOR Art

"Hotwheels Adventure" Ride, Confidential - Concept & Ride Design

Disney Animal Kingdom World amusement park ride concept by Thor Art "Animal Kingdom" Ride, Confidential - Concept & Ride Design


Under the Sea Grand Prix amusement park concept by THOR Art"Under The Sea Grand Prix", Tokyo DisneySea - Concept & Show Design
Dueling Dragons ride concept by Tom Thordarson

"Dueling Dragons Roller Coaster", Universal Studios, Florida - Preshow and queue

Notable Involvements:
Custom original art for Disney's Polynesian Hotel by fine artist THOR" Walt Disney World Polynesian Resort" - Commissioned artwork


Thor designs a multitude of private label tiki mugs and drinkwear for Tiki Farm

"Tiki Farm" - Product design & Private Label